Magnolia Heights Homes for Sale

Magnolia Heights Homes for Sale

Magnolia Heights is a great neighborhood just outside downtown St Petersburg, FL

Located just off 4th Situated between 9th St North and 16th St N to the east and west and 30th Ave N and 38th Ave N Magnolia Heights is one of the great hidden gems of St Pete. This neighborhood is not far from downtown St Petersburg and 4th St shopping. Homes for sale in this neighborhood are seeing big increases in home values. According to Zillow, the average home value in Magnolia Heights is $146,800 and climbing! Zillow has predicted that homes prices will increase by 4.2% in the next 12 months. But our local research has shown that prices could actually go much higher. We are seeing homes in Magnolia Heights listing for sale as high as $279,000 as of this writing. Could your home be worth that much? Maybe! There are many factors that can affect the value of a home. The biggest factors are location and condition. Why then, does Zillow have the median home value of Magnolia Heights at $146,800? This is because Zillow and the sales history of homes for sale, in general, is what’s called a lagging indicator. Meaning that the information is late. By nature, sales history is just that, history. If a few homes in Magnolia Heights quickly sell in the mid-$250’s, that average would jump up dramatically. There are home buyers in St Petersburg, FL looking for homes for sale in Magnolia Heights right now. Find out what your home could be worth?

Magnolia Heights is a great little neighborhood

Right near downtown St Pete Magnolia Heights is growing fast in value!

St Petersburg is a great little city that is seeing tremendous growth and home price appreciation. It is becoming one of the hottest cities in Florida. With great walkability, nightlife and a thriving arts and music scene, more and more people are moving to this great city. Single family residential homes near downtown are quickly growing in value. The Magnolia Heights neighborhood is seeing very strong price increases. Magnolia Heights sits between 16th St and 9th St N, meaning it’s secluded enough to feel like you are away from the city, but close enough to 4th St shopping and downtown St Pete to feel like everything you need is close by. Website has an interesting grading system for individual neighborhoods as shown below. According to the Niche website, Magnolia Heights receives a grade of A-, considered a very good grade. (Add screenshot). If you are a home buyer looking for homes for sale, Magnolia Heights can be a great area to own your own home. Close to everything, close to I275 for an easy commute to work. If you are currently a homeowner and want to know how much your home is worth, contact Investors Choice Realty.

All about Magnolia Heights

Lots of big history for this little St Petersburg neighborhood.

As cited from the Magnolia Heights master plan; Magnolia Heights Neighborhood has undergone many changes during its growth and development. What once was a sparsely populated rural area has become a traditional neighborhood with commercial corridors located on its east/west boundaries. During the past 80 years, street names have changed several times, development patterns have fluctuated, and the neighborhood area has attracted people with diverse backgrounds and occupations. Development in Magnolia Heights began on the neighborhood’s northern border of 38th Avenue North. On March 12, 1912, the Boardman & Goetz plat was recorded at the County Courthouse in Clearwater designating an area of 40 platted lots between 38 and 34 Avenues, from the alley west of 12 Street to 14 Street. At that time, 38 Avenue North was labeled an unnamed “Fifty Foot Road”, and Haines Road is labeled an extension of “Ninth Street Hard Surfaced Road to St. Petersburg”. The land boom of the early 1920s, which brought growth and development citywide, also had a significant impact on the development of the Magnolia Heights neighborhood. Between 1923 and 1926, nine (9) newly platted areas including Allendale Terrace, Sylvester Sub Landfill, Euclid Park, Hyde Park, Hudson City Subdivision, Virginia Heights, Refile of Virginia Heights, Summit Park, and Summit Park Addition were added to the neighborhood, resulting in a total of 76 new lots!” It seems like the Magnolia Heights neighborhood is booming once again! Don’t miss out on the rising home prices. For a free home price analysis call Investors Choice Realty.